Feather Falls Casino Brewing Co.

The Feather Falls Casino Brewing Co. is a great place to enjoy a beer and a menu featuring gourmet signature dishes from our chef, hand-tossed pizzas, and fresh sushi and sashimi. What else is on tap? Live music in our state-of-the-art concert venue, VIP seating with bottle service, and your favorite video poker games.

  • Bar Hours: Sunday – Thursday, 9am – Midnight
  • Friday & Saturday, 9am – 1:30am
  • Restaurant open daily, 11am


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Beer Pairing Dinner – October 8 & 9

Treat yourself to a truly elegant dining experience! Our Autumn Beer Pairing Dinner menu is a feast of seasonal specialty dishes created just for this event. Hosted by our brewmaster, Roland Allen, the evening includes five courses, craft beer samples and a souvenir pint glass.

Beer Here!

Beer Here! Our bartenders will pour you a perfect pint of craft ale. Once you find your favorite, you can take it home in a 64-oz. growler! AWARD WINNING CRAFT BEERS available in 22oz. bottles at a beverage outlet near you! CLICK HERE FOR LOCATIONS.

We’re proud to announce that for the first time you’ll be able to purchase Feather Falls Naughty Native American IPA, Soaring Eagle Pilsner, Volcano Mudslide and Dancing Trees beer in cans at Lakeside and Wagon Wheel Market. Soon to be released at additional locations near you!

Soaring Eagle: Pilsner – Light in color and bitterness, this is an ideal craft beer to get mainstream bottle beer drinkers into a fresh, quality beer.  4 IBU and 4.25% ABV

Broken Arrow: IPA – A traditional IPA in color & very pale. It has a slightly sweet fruit and citrus hop flavor from big late hop additions in the boil and hopback, plus a generous amount of dry-hops in the fermenter. This beer is big on aroma without a bitter finish. 85 IBU and 6.5% ABV

Coyote Spirit: Amber Ale – Light-bodied with a deep blonde amber color. A lightly hopped ale with a delicate spicy bouquet and light roast character. 11 IBU and 4.25% ABV

Feather Falls Thunder: Apricot Wheat Ale – Lightly hopped to allow the featured sweet fruitiness of apricot to balance with smoothness of the wheat malt. 16 IBU and 4.25% ABV

Wild Warrior: Pale Ale – An American style pale ale brewed with North American hops and grain. Full bodied with a rich, light amber color and a balanced spicy flavor.  32 IBU and 5.25% ABV

Naughty Native: IPA – Full bodied with a deep amber color. It features bold flavors and aromas with complex citrus, pine and herbal characteristics. 3 kettle hop additions plus a generous dry hop addition are what gives it its bitterness and hop aroma. 50 IBU and 6.5% ABV

Dancing Trees: Hefeweizen – Unfiltered. Banana and clove esters are a result of the special hefeweizen ale yeast. A slightly sweet beer with a complex bouquet of flavors. 10 IBU and 4.5% ABV

Volcano Mudslide: Sweet Stout – Milk Stout, using non-fermentable lactose. It is full bodied with a deep dark color and a creamy foam head. 20 IBU and 6% ABV

Our Seasonal’s available throughout the year!

Bet on Black: Cascadian Dark Ale – Also known as a Black IPA, this deep brown ale is a cross between a Porter and an IPA. With a medium body, this highly hopped dark beer uses Cascade and Chinook hops from the Northwest for its aggressive piney and citrus flavors. Cold steeped dark malts give it a nice roasty balance with all the hops!  65 IBU and 8% ABV

Wild Billy: Winter Bock – A traditional German Bock beer with a deep amber color. It is lightly hopped with imported German and Czech hops, and features a rich malty finish. 22 IBU and 7.25% ABV

Grumpy Bear: Porter – A full bodied robust porter with a caramel malt sweetness and a small amount of black malt for a hint of burnt flavor, to balance a medium hop bitterness.  25 IBU and 5.5% ABV

Laughing Lion: Belgian Pale Ale – This copper-colored beverage has a fruity, moderately malty sweetness with a toasty, biscuity, nutty malt flavor. It’s a less bitter beer than its American counterpart, with a delicate noble hop flavor. Somewhat spicy, easy-drinking, with a sweet finish! 25 IBU and 4.5% ABV

Crouching Cougar: Oak Aged Barleywine – This is our rendition of a craft beer’s biggest style, Barleywine. After dry hopping, then aging it for 6 months on medium toasted French oak, the huge hop character has mellowed into a well-pronounced hop aroma and bitterness that balances well with its oaky malt backbone. As our strongest beer to date, this beautiful, deep crimson red ale is not your average kitty cat.  A wonderfully complex beer set off with the wood overtones of oak aging.  85 IBU and 11.5% ABV

Doppel Down: Doppelbock – This Double Bier (Dopplebock) is a mildly hopped, roasty, full bodied German lager. One of the strongest of the German styles, the Monks who originated the style considered it a “meal in a glass” or “liquid bread”. 19 IBU and 9.5% ABV

Golden Feather: Extra Pale Ale -This refreshing beverage is a light, crisp ale with a light golden color and a nice Cascade hop finish. 23 IBU and 4% ABV

Jester: Imperial Pilsner – Golden in color with a dry hop floral aroma and intense hop bitterness. These floral notes are supported by a big malty backbone which culminates into a hoppy mouthful. Generous amounts of Saaz hops cap off this double pilsner in the dry, crisp finish. 46 IBU,  8% ABV

Emperor’s: Mandarin Wheat – An unfiltered wheat beer, with just a hint of hops to allow the fresh mandarin juice, from Oroville’s own Morse Farms, to come through. 13 IBU and 4% ABV

Wild Hare: Pepper Pale Ale – A lively blend of our own hop field peppers and a hearty pale ale, Wild Hare is hopping with flavor! With a little malt character to bring it all together, this is a beer that will leave you burning for more. IBU 35, ABV 5.5%

Sticky Bee: Honey Wheat Ale – A light warm-weather beer brewed with locally produced honey from Sutter Buttes Honey Co. Balanced with Cascade and Nugget hops for a uniquely refreshing craft beer experience.  18 IBU and 4% ABV

Oktoberfest: Märzen – Characterized by a medium body, a malty flavor and a clean dry finish, this is our version of the traditional Oktoberfest beer originating in 16th century Bavaria.  23 IBU and 5% ABV

Snake Eyes: Double IPA – This beer is brewed as soon as the hop harvest happens to ensure the freshest hop flavor. There are 5 separate hop additions, including dry hopping. 80+ IBU and 8% ABV

Seasons: Cranberry Ale – A festive deep red ale that balances a blend of malted barley and hops with the tartness of fresh cranberry juice. A special beer just for the holidays.  28 IBU and 5.25% ABV

Roland’s Red: American Red Ale – Brewed to be our Brewmaster’s favorite and named after his grandfather, this beer is a big hoppy ale, but with a well pronounced malt character to provide a smooth balance with all the hops. 55 IBU and 5.5% ABV

Live Bands

Every Friday & Saturday! Must be 21 or older. For a complete list of featured shows, please see our entertainment schedule. CLICK HERE