Win/Loss Statements

For your convenience, you can get your most recent win/loss statement from the Bonus Magic Club with valid ID or download a win/loss request form, [Click Here], and either fax your completed form to (530) 533-4465 or mail to:

Feather Falls Casino
Attn: Title 31 Department
3 Alverda Drive
Oroville, CA 95966

If you need a copy of a W2G Tax form, you can download a request form [Click Here]

Win/Loss Statements: Frequently Asked Questions:

 Q. When may I request a win/loss statement?
A. You may request a win loss statement for the previous year starting in January 2017 starting January 1, 2018. Statements before the prior year cannot be printed from the Magic Club and must be requested by filling out a Win/Loss Request.

Q. How long does it take after I request my win loss statement to be completed?
A. It will take approximately 10 business days to process your request.

Q. How do I read this statement?
A. The gaming history statement is an accumulation of slot and table play while using your Casinos a club card. This accumulation includes wins and/or losses while using your player’s card for the calendar year. If the players account has a net loss for the year, the amount will be displayed in (brackets).

Q. May I get a total of just my winnings and just my losses?
A. unfortunately no, because the totals are an accumulation of play while using your player’s card, the totals cannot be separated.

Q. May I get a statement that shows coin-in and coin-out?
A. Per policy that this information will not be included on your statement. The IRS recommends that you keep a diary for this purpose.

Q. May I get a statement that only shows my last visit?
A. No, We only prepare a yearly statement upon request in the following year.

Q. What is the difference between Win/Loss Statements, W2G’s and 1099’s?
A. Win Loss statement have a net win or loss of a single players account during a specific year, W2G is the reportable tax amount given to the IRS, and 1099 is the reportable promotional gifts and/or winnings reported to the IRS.

Q. Are all Slot jackpots reported to the IRS?
A. A Slot jackpot is only reported to the IRS if it is over $1,199.99.

Q. What if the W2G information does not match your records?
A. Please contact the Title 31 Department at (530) 533-3385 Ext. 273

Q. Is the W2G total included in my win/loss total?
A. Yes, if the players card on account was in the slot machine at the time of the jackpot.

Q. May I get a copy of my W2G?
A. Yes, please fill out a W-2G request at the players club.

Q. May I get a copy of my 1099?
A. Yes, please fill out a W-2G request at the players club and on the heading cross out W-2G and write in 1099.

Q. Where may I find additional information on W2G tax reporting?